What I Do

I build websites. What do I think makes a good website? Glad you asked.

Professional Look

You want to impress your visitors with a professional design. I develop code from the ground up, according to your needs, to ensure polished aesthetics, clean typography, clear organization, and strong calls to action.

Responsive Design

According to a 2015 study, 51% of the time Americans spend on the internet is on a mobile phone. A significant proportion of visitors to all my websites are on their phones. A fluid design that adapts to every screen size is essential for a modern website.

Search Engine Optimization

You can build a beautiful website, but it won’t accomplish much if no one sees it. I can help you understand what search engines are looking for. That includes keywords and link building, but in 2016 the most important factor of all is strong content.


When subtle tranisitions are used correctly, they add pop that impresses your visitors and provide helpful cues about the page’s state. I am familiar with several web animation languages and choose the most efficient one for each project, most often CSS3.


The faster your site loads when people click, the more engaged your visitors will be. Google has also begun emphasizing site performance in its ranking algorithms. I perform rigorous performance analysis of every site I design to make it as lean and efficient as possible. Every millisecond counts.


HTML5 ·CSS3 ·Vanilla JS ·SVG ·PHP ·MySQL ·WordPress ·WooCommerce·WPML ·C · jQuery · GSAP · Bootstrap · D3.js ·Node.js ·Gulp

Recent Projects

Buy-It In Israel ·Real Estate Tax Calculator · Jerusalem Design · Stop the Denial · NBA Distance Charts · Ideal Gas Simulation in HTML5

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