Well hello! I'm Rafi, and I design websites.

My first experience developing WordPress themes was for The Commentator at Yeshiva University in 2010. After that, one by one, other student groups started coming to me for their websites. And eventually it grew into this portfolio.

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Also — here’s my Daf Yomi blog and climate blog



An Israeli law boutique.

JQuery and CSS3 animations.


An Israeli design/build company.

WordPress theme design.


The official student newspaper of Stern College for Women.

WordPress theme design.


A Torah publication by the Student Organization of Yeshiva.

WordPress theme design.


My Daf Yomi blog. Customized Blogger theme and widgets.


The Jewish thought magazine of the Yeshiva University student body.

WordPress theme design.


Online home for the official student newspaper of the Yeshiva University.

WordPress theme design.


Website of the Yeshiva College Neuroscience Society.

WordPress theme design.


An online newspaper started by YU students—but nothing to do with YU!

WordPress theme design.


My first site, totally static HTML, circa 2006.

Isn't it cute?


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In the time I’ve been self-training as a web designer, I’ve been amazed by the altruism in the web development community. There are hundreds of people out there who devote time to blogs and online forums that help beginners conquer the learning curve. There’s also a ton of amazing free services and software that I couldn't do without.

I’m grateful for these services in particular that helped get me started: W3Schools.com, WordPress.org, the WordPress forums, Themeshaper, the Themeshaper forums, Inkscape, Firebug, Notepad++, FileZilla, and the many webmaster services from the folks at Google. There’s also the great advice from A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, and CSS-Tricks.

And thank YOU for bothering to visit!